Three Ways to Make Any Event so Much More Fun!

January 15, 2024

Let me explain, we’re talking about performers with ENERGY, trained to get interactive and hype up the dance floor. Emcee’s do their best to get it going but when people need a boost (after dinner) watch what happens when you bring in a pair of Robots, Mirror Man and some C02 Cannons blasting in the air! EVERYONE gets out of their seat. Either your dancing, woohing and wowing or taking pics/videos but I can promise you are not going to be seated.  

Our performers are trained to get people to the dancefloor and hype up the room/crowd. Our Robots stand at 8 Foot Tall and our Mirror Man is standard height. The appearance of an 8 Foot Tall LED Party Robot walking in alone screams PARTY TIME. 

Spark The Magic At Your Event

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